Our Advantage

Supply Reliability

Our Company is the only one that guarantees a continuous supply of Electricity 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round, having uninterrupted production from our Production Station.

Long Term Contracts

According to the Law, the minimum period for a contract is 12 months and the maximum is for an unlimited period of time. Therefore, our company is flexible in the duration of the Contract, as we are confident that our customers will be fully satisfied with our services and will want to continue our cooperation for the entire period.

Lowest Price Offer

FES is ready to offer you the tariff "FES Δ 3.1" for the electricity supply for low voltage connections and the tariff "FES Δ 4.1" for electricity supply for medium voltage connections, at steadily reduced prices, from the Codes 30 and 40 of the EAC including the fuel adjustment price.

Experience since 2003

Our experience in the field of energy dates back to 2003, with the strategic agreement
reached with the Vassilikos Cement Plant, where First Electric installed and operated a power plant.

Transitional Electricity Rules

CERA, in an effort to encourage producers and suppliers of Electricity until the full implementation of the new model of Electricity Markets, has issued the Regulatory Decision 04/2017 for the Implementation of Transitional Regulation in the Electricity market.

The above Regulatory decision provides for the conclusion of bilateral agreements between independent producers and suppliers on a monthly basis.

The EAC participates in the transitional settlements purely for the purposes of balancing production and supply at the end of each month.

Regulation of the Rights

CERA, in the context of the regulation of the rights, but also the obligations of the Suppliers and Final Customers, issued on 14 November 2017, the Market Rules.

It should be noted that CERA, until the full implementation of the new model of electricity purchase has assigned EAC as the Last Resort Supplier in the Electricity Market.

With the above decisions and measures, full legal but also technical security is provided to consumers who wish to contract for the Electricity Supply with FES.