Technology to save energy

First Electric has accumulated on this page some reliable and highly efficient energy-saving technologies, all together, if applied to a plant can achieve a significant reduction on energy bills. 

These technologies are applicable to a wide range of companies in the industrial and commercial sector, eg industrial plants, distribution centers, hotels, malls, hospitals, office buildings, banks, supermarkets, etc.

The company continually enhances its products by selecting them after continuous research of established and new methods of saving energy over Cyprus.

Indicative company offers apart from the production of electricity:

  • developing methods of saving energy by optimizing the quality of voltage and current
  • optimizing the operating chillers
  • saving lighting systems and new economic luminaries such as LEDs
  • systems, Voltage electrical loads
  • Surge protection devices and sudden changes of network

In today's era, where the world is under extreme pressure problems such as the destruction of the environment and the global economic crisis, energy saving is very important, because it achieves the following:

  • Reduce operating costs businesses
  • Cost savings in households
  • Reduction of pollutants released into the environment during the production of energy.