Frequently Asked Questions


FIRST ELECTRIC is the first Independent Power Producer in Cyprus and the first private Company with the required knowledge and expertise in the field of large scale conventional electricity production. We have all the necessary permits for the construction and operation of power plants in Cyprus.

Why choose a FIRST ELECTRIC electricity as a supplier for my business or home?

Because FIRST ELECTRIC offers an excellent energy design to your business, aiming to reduce your cost of electricity that match your needs. Furthermore, we provide a competitive proposal for electricity for your house and other major energy services that could be seen as added.

One of the strongest points of our service is the way we support our customers. For FIRST ELECTRIC, the correct and efficient customer service is a way of life.

What is the required timeframe for commencement of electricity supply to my business or home from FIRST ELECTRIC?

The time that is required is one month.

Who is responsible for the meter reading?

FIRST ELECTRIC has the responsibility of meter reading for the low voltage meters. Counters for the process of collecting measurements from medium and high voltage counters is automated.

How can I change my Supplier?

All consumers have the right to change their Supplier in an easy and swift way, without having to pay an additional charge. This right has been secured by Law (article 91(1)(γ) of the Law regulating electricity market).
The network operator in the vicinity of the consumer is obliged by law to carry out any changes within three weeks, subject to the satisfaction of the conditions given in the existing supply contract, as for example period of notice, agreed minimum duration of the supply agreement etc. Six weeks at the latest, after the change, the customer will receive his final settlement account from his previous supplier.

Will I have to get new lines for my power supply?

No. The Distribution System Operator has the responsibility, according to the European Directives and the Cyprus legislation, for safely delivering your electricity through its existing networks, as they always have, without any disruption in service. The only change you will notice is the company name at the top of your bill and less money coming out of your bank!

How is the electricity generated and transimmited to your premises?

The electricity is generated by the Power Plants owned by First Electric. The Transmission / Distribution Operator is responsible for the transmission and distribution. First Electric's Power Plants will be utilising a variety of fuels including also natural gas.

Will my electricity service be interrupted in any way?

No. Your electricity service is not affected when you choose First Electric. The Distribution System Operator maintains responsibility for safely delivering your electricity through its existing network (wires) without any disruption in service irrespective of your electricity supplier. Service to all Consumers in the island will be maintained at the same quality levels at present, guaranteed through the current legislation and monitored and enforced by the Cyprus Regulating Authority. Such arrangements are smoothly operating throughout the European Union, without any problem whatsoever.

Will interruptions to supply to my premises be attended as before choosing First Electric?

Definitely yes. Any discrimination between consumers is strictly prohibited by European and Cypriot legislation. Consumers have rights and any reported complaints are monitored and acted upon by all responsible authorities. The Transmission and Distribution System Operators are obliged to act independently. Any deviation from their legal requirements will be severely dealt with by the Cyprus Regulatory Authority and the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism. Large amounts of money have already being spent in Cyprus, in order to generate the correct environment for the operation of independent generators and suppliers, providing the right conditions for enabling each and every consumer of electricity to have the Supplier of his choice. Anything less than that is against European legislation.

What will be the contents in the Monthly bill?

The monthly bill contains consumer’s identity and
a. the total price of electricity; and
b. the breakdown of the total price into:
i. a base price that forms the unregulated or potentially unregulated component of price, including inter alia the cost of generation and the supply margin, to allow consumers to compare suppliers’ offers;
ii. network charges (including CyTSO costs);
iii. Public Service Obligations – same for all Suppliers;
iv. renewable energy source and high-efficiency cogeneration costs – same for all Suppliers;
c. meter readings,
d. units consumed,
e. billed amount,
f. due date of payment,
g. arrears due,
h. surcharge VAT amount and
i. other bill related information.

How long will my contract last?

Minimum contracts are set at 12 months. However, because of the flexible way we build a contract around the Customer needs, this duration is variable.

Will you remind me as the contract approaches the expired date?

Yes you will get a reminder as your contract approaches the end of your fixed period.

What happens at the end of my contract?

We will inform you about the available renewable options.