Frequently Asked Questions


FIRST ELECTRIC is the first Independent Power Producer in Cyprus.

Why choose a FIRST ELECTRIC electricity as a supplier for my business or home?

Because FIRST ELECTRIC offers an excellent energy design to your business, aiming to reduce your cost of electricity that match your needs. Furthermore, we provide a competitive proposal for electricity for your house and other major energy services that could be seen as added.

One of the strongest points is our service that we offer to our customers is how we support them. For FIRST ELECTRIC, the correct and efficient customer service is a way of life.

What is the required timeframe for commencement of electricity supply to my business or home from FIRST ELECTRIC;

The time that is required is one month.

Who is responsible for the meter reading?

FIRST ELECTRIC has the responsibility of meter reading for the low voltage meters. Counters for, The process of collecting measurements from medium and high voltage counters is automated.


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